A simple mystical explanation
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Andrés Gómez Emilsson
Philosophy, Consciousness

Maybe "consciousness" is just level 1 of something that has many levels. Psychedelics, notably, sometimes can give the impression (or maybe acquintance?) with a sort of "metaconsciousness" that simply escapes people's imagination entirely in normal circumstances. In that case, maybe our suffering is really just a parody of the real thing, which is far worse in ways currently unimaginable. Is this universe a sandbox to solve cosmic problems? Weird to entertain. But at least that would allow for the existence of a benevolent God. If we are creating information useful that can actually help reduce "true" or "ontologically superior" forms of suffering, then our suffering can certainly be justified ethically.

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I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that if we have a mystical mission in this planet is to save the animals. We are the only beings capable of thought in this planet, and the ability to imagine better futures and experiences that are actually realizable.

So imagine the following scenario: Higher beings are too perfect to be capable of entering this domain of existence. They are also too diffuse and lack the material density that we have. How would they rescue the beings stuck in the horrors of Darwinian life? Perhaps by communicating and shaping, gradually (as fast as possible!), the minds of human beings.




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