Duality and Uniqueness
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Manu Herrán
Subjectivity, Reality, Sentience

Any sane person establishes a cutting distinction between every object of the Universe: I, and ‘everything else’. I am going to call this ‘Duality’.

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On the other hand, the Universe exists, there. And it doesn’t care at all what I think. The universe is unique, and I am going to call this ‘Uniqueness’.

Obviously, there’s only one reality. The Uniqueness is true and the duality is fake. Now, duality is what I experience, it is what is real for me.

And, what happens if I want to experience uniqueness? To begin, the first problem is the contradiction of terms: the term ‘experience’ implying duality, and ‘uniqueness’.

Well, let’s look at it in a different way: What I want is to eliminate duality.

This is easier. Prior to my existence, there was no duality, and there will not be any when I cease existing. In fact, it has never existed.

All right, we are getting somewhere, but not at all. I want to experience uniqueness while I exist. Or the closest thing to it. The closest thing to non-duality.

Well, let’s go further. Where does duality manifest itself? Foremost, I have a body, different than yours; I have logical reasoning processes, different from everyone else, and I have totally personal and uniquely defined feelings, sensations, experiences, and subjectivity (sentience).

The two ways of reaching uniqueness in the aforementioned are either removing the elements themselves, or, well, making them embrace everything in existence. Both are ways of madness. They are the two strongest tendencies of the human being: Eros and Thanatos.

Anyhow, to this unique and real Universe, these issues do not matter. The distinctions between bodies are arbitrary, all bodies are the same body. The reasoning processes are mechanical, all processes are the same process. And subjectivity or sentience – surely – is unique.

The genes in their obsession for reproducing themselves have created these jailers called bodies, who have simultaneously been able to entrap the capacity of the universe for experiencing sensations, and with said sensations and effort (pleasure and pain), they have manipulated the subjectivity enclosed inside the body for serving its masters, the genes, and their objective, reproduction.

Human beings and all animals are these subjectivities, prisoner to a pact between bodies and genes.

To accomplish their evil plan, genes and bodies inculcate subjectivities with the belief in duality: they make the subjectivities believe that they are separate from the other subjectivities so they confront each other, but only in certain cases.

In other cases, the opposite occurs: to the genes themselves, the most suitable thing is for us to cooperate amongst each other and also to put our lives at risk for others’ lives.

Inasmuch as the programing of this evil plan is relatively basic, occasionally altruism and love emerge. Collaterally appears something called conscience, as a sub-product of all of the aforementioned, like the ability to enjoy music, endowed to us by evolution, despite not being practical.

In this way the Universe has created some beings with conscience and intelligence, capable of seeking, recognizing, and developing love.

Let the Universe get prepared, as these beings are able to accomplish everything they have committed to.




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