Human cryonization risks
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Manu Herrán
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[I]t is an elementary consequence of probability theory that even very improbable outcomes are very likely to happen, if we wait long enough. — Huw Price327

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I have begun to consider that human cryonization has associated a high risk of extreme and lasting suffering.

Imagine for a minute that cryonization works, and keeps the "I" alive, even if you think this is impossible.

If it works, what probability do you think there is to be intense torture if your body is locked up in the facilities of a scientific complex, under a strange legal status, surrounded by the kind of scientists (some) who would do horrible experiments on rats or monkeys? What probability do you think there is that in a potentially infinite time, any of those scientists decide and can experiment with you horrible techniques? During a potentially unlimited time. Again and again, and again.

Some dates taken from:…/Unethical_human_experimentation_……/Unethical_human_experimentation

1840 enslaved African women

1846 slaves Virginia

1874 Irish woman

1895 New York City pediatrician

1906 Harvard University Filipino prisoners

1906 U.S. Army doctors, Philippines

1908 Philadelphia researchers

1909 two children

1911 146 hospital patients

1913 San Quentin Prison

1932 Japan

1932 Tuskegee University

1933 involuntary sterilization

1940 Nazi human experimentation

1940 United Kingdom

1941 Nazi human experimentation

1941 University of Michigan,

1941 twelve-month-old baby

1942 Harvard University 64 Massachusetts prisoners

1942 Nazi human experimentation

1943 Nazi human experimentation

1944 Mindanao Japan

1945 Mindanao Japan

1946 Guatemala

1946 University of Chicago

1947 Guatemala

1947 University of Rochester

1947 plutonium, Manhattan Project

1948 Guatemala

1948 Guatemala prostitutes

1949 AEC

1950 200 female prisoners

1950 CIA Project Artichoke

1950 Medical College of Virginia

1950 U.S. Navy

1952 Psychiatric Institute of Columbia University

1952 Sloan-Kettering Institute

1952 prisoners at the Ohio State

1953 41 children

1953 CIA

1953 Project Chatter

1953 U.S. Army

1953 U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

1953 premature babies

1953 the CIA's Project MKULTRA

1954 Johns Hopkins Hospital

1954 the CIA's Project QKHILLTOP

1955 Florida

1955 Sweden

1955 state of Georgia

1957 Massachusetts General Hospital

1957 atmospheric nuclear explosions in Nevada

1957 with funding from a CIA front organization

1960 Sonoma State Hospital

1962 AEC

1962 Utah State Prison

1962 researchers at the Laurel Children's Center in Maryland

1963 Brooklyn hospital

1963 University of Washington 232 prisoners

1966 British anesthesiologist

1966 New York University

1966 U.S. Army New York City Subway

1967 pregnant women

1969 U.S. Army

1971 Department of Defense

1972 mentally disabled children

1973 Washington prisoners

1974 the Holmesburg Prison

Experimentation with non-human animals is much less documented, but it is horrible as well, and its incidence is much greater.

Only in Spain and in only one year, 68,000 severe experiments, which means "severe suffering or distress or moderate long-term pain, suffering or distress or whose well-being or general condition has suffered a significant deterioration as a result of the procedure."

My fear is that *if* cryonics could work and keep the body... er... yes, let's say "dead", but in some sense "slept", because the bodies can be unfrozen and reanimated. In that case, the bodies could be frozen, unfroze, tortured, frozen, unfroze, tortured and so on

Of course, every time I re-live I am a different being, and this is (another) good argument to forget "closed individualism" and believe rather in "open individualism" and/or "empty individualism". But that is indifferent here. The risk is that someone could suffer a lot, "me" or "other" and that my decision (about freezing me or not) is what makes the difference.

Seriously, how could do you trust the kind of scientists that could torture monkeys or rats?




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