Life and consciousness: Phenomena originated by the electromagnetic unity?
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Cornelio González Valdenebro
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"It is in DNA where the polarity (yes-no, on-off, true-false) of classic (bivalent) logic and topological continuity meet. It is here where polarities literally transform themselves into life forms".
-- Louis H. Kauffman.
Professor of the Illinois University, Chicago.

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Greece, China and Minor Asia knew since very ancient times the stone called magnetite, name given to this mineral because it came from the Greek province called Magnesia, and which had the property of attracting or being attracted by iron. Around year 1300 b. C., the compass, legacy of the Chinese, -who used earth magnetism to orientate their maritime navigation with this instrument-, started to be used in the West. Nevertheless, it wasn't until 1600 that British physician and physicist William Gilbert made the first attempt to apply the scientific method to the study of electricity and magnetism, and published his book De magnete.

In 1831, another Englishman, Michael Faraday (1791-1867), began an absolutely systematic study of the relation between electricity and magnetism, using for this the findings of Charles Coulomb about the forces between electric charges; those by Hans Christian Oersted on the positive-negative deviation of a magnetized needle by an electric current; those of André Marie Ampčre concerning forces between cables through which electrical currents flow; and those of Dominique François Arago when he magnetized a piece of iron just by placing it near a cable through which an electric current flowed.

Since the beginning, Faraday corroborated experimentally that an electric current which flowed through a wire generated, induced, what he appropriately called a magnetic "field" that surrounded the wire, as well as the fact that the phenomenon could be produced the other way around: a magnetic "field" in movement produced an electric current which circulated through the wire... which in turn induced a magnetic field which...etc., etc., this autoinduction (as he called it), as we'll see below, made it possible for his brilliant creativity to produce the useful and this day practically indispensable electric motors and generators, artifacts which simply use the mechanic force obtained by hydraulic or eolian means, by the combustion of fossil fuels, etc., but for transforming it into the discontinuity of an electric current between its two poles, positive-negative, discontinuity induced in its turn by the continuity between the two, positive-negative poles of the magnetic "field", continuity induced in its turn by the discontinuity of the electric poles, which in turn induce... and so on, ad infinitum.

Faraday's empirical investigation had made evident the need for a sort of theater stage or "field" on which electricity and magnetism would act. It was at this moment when another Englishman appeared onstage: James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), who, in his masterwork Treatise on electricity and magnetism, published in 1873, described this electromagnetic stage or "field" by means of four differential equations which present us electricity and magnetism as the two faces of the same coin, equations which operate by function of the notions of space and time.

In other words: In these four equations, although it is implicitly admitted that while in electricity its two poles can exist separately and discontinuously, and by the contrary, in magnetism its two poles will always exist in inseparable and continuous pairs, Maxwell, based in these polar continuity-discontinuity, never made explicit reference to an UNITY underlying between electricity and magnetism.

In that above respect I want to present my cybernaut readers a concrete proposal: that of an UNIFIED electromagnetic field which explains itself from an angle totally different to Maxwell's: that of the elemental arithmetic-decimal operativity, intrinsic to the self-inductive yes-no bipolarity of the Law (that way, with a capital L) of the UNITY capable of TOTALIZING in and by itself. And it is this UNITARY and mutual induction between the electricity-magnetism pair, what could very well explain, as I propose later on, natural phenomena such as Life and Conscience.

The decimal arithmetic of such UNITY is very simple. The symbol / means division and the symbol x multiplication. Symmetry implies absence of differences between the two poles and asymmetry the contrary: polar difference:

1/Symmetrical continuity between the two magnetic charges = Asymmetrical discontinuity between the two electrical charges.

And/or the contrary:

1/Asymmetrical discontinuity between the two electrical charges = Symmetrical continuity between the two magnetic charges.

From where:

(Symmetrical continuity between the two magnetic charges) x (Asymmetrical discontinuity between the two electric charges) = 1

Another way of saying the same, is affirming that in the electromagnetic "field" electricity and magnetism induce themselves, that is to say, they produce themselves, generate each other mutually, by reason of the inverse reciprocity within its own UNITY.

The prime numbers, 2 and 5 interpret the case faithfully:

2 = Bipolar magnetic continuity characterized by the conjunction "and": positive magnetic pole "and" negative magnetic pole.

5 = Electrical bipolar discontinuity, typified by the disjunction "or" which forces us to make a choice: positive electric pole "or" negative electric pole.

The arithmetic operations which elucidate the electromagnetic UNITY are:

A) 1/2= 0.5: this is the half chosen [ Note 1 ] as positive charge. It is discontinuous and asymmetrical with respect to the "other" not chosen half 0.5, which would be the negative electrical charge, discontinuity inducted in its turn by the symmetrical magnetic bipolar continuity of the 2 and/or, at the obverse:

B) 1/5= 0.2, is the symmetrical positive "and" negative magnetic bipolar continuity, induced by the asymmetrical electric bipolar discontinuity of 5.

The UNITY between the symmetrical magnetic bipolar continuity and/or the asymmetrical electric bipolar discontinuity is demonstrated by the obverse reciprocity of the following two operations:

2 x 0.5 = 1 and/or: 5 x 0.2 = 1

It can be observed that in A) and B), numbers 2 and 5 exchange -commute- their roles, either as denominators which command the function to accomplish and/or as numerators, which like quotients, comply with the commanded function, which means that if as denominator [ Note 2 ] acts the symmetrical magnetic bipolar continuity typified by the integer and only even prime number 2, which complies with the said function as numerator [ Note 3 ] , is the asymmetrical electrical bipolar discontinuity of the fractional quotient 0.5 and/or the obverse: if it is the integer and prime 5 which as denominator [ Note 2 ] commands the discontinuous and asymmetrical electrical function to be enforced, it is the symmetrical magnetic bipolar continuity of the fraction 0.2 which, as quotient-numerator [ Note 3 ] complies with such function.

In other words: Electricity and magnetism are simultaneously and indistinctly, the interiority of "things", and the exteriority of their descriptive languages which, being the same... are different! And/or at the obverse: being different... are the same!

This apparent logic paradox -which imposes the undeniable presence of Man and its cognitive linguistic capability as a plausible explanation of the electromagnetic UNITY of Nature-, is involved with us just as much as, as living and conscious entities, we human beings are positively generators of our own bio-electromagnetic field, because of this, it is not strange that in our relationship, as men, with this paradox, it has also made its presence in the efforts to rigorously mathematize the human logic system, likewise structured as a bipolar internal continuity - external discontinuity between the informatic affirmation-negation pair.

As it is known, since 1931 mathematical logician Kurt Gödel demonstrated with his famous Imcompletitude Theorem, that it is impossible for Man the mathematical elaboration of a logical system whose logical premises are only two: affirmation-negation, such a perfect system that could demonstrate and explain itself, using for that the totality of its two logical premises, without entering in a contradiction with itself [ Note 4 ] . Now, if we want the system not to enter in contradiction with itself, then it must be accepted that at least one of the two logical premises forcibly be situated outside, external, to the logical system which we try to elaborate... with which that system would no longer be perfect -incomplete- because it would not contain within itself, internally, the totality of its two logical premises, logical interiority which in its turn, would allow its perfect self-comprehension and self-verification!

In other words: the system will be logically consistent, that is to say, it will not be self-contradictory, only if the "yes" or the "no" is(are) situated outside the system... but then such a system will no longer be complete, meaning: total; and/or the obverse: the system will be internally logical, complete, total... but at the expense of being inconsistent, that is to say, self-contradictory.

However, Nature, using methods proper of the self-inductive and continuous-discontinuous yes-no bipolarity of the Law of UNITY, capable of TOTALIZING in and by itself the bio-electromagnetical "field" proper of animal life and which we are in the process of knowing better, has produced live and conscious electromagnetic systems, capable, at least in theory, of knowing and explaining themselves: we, the human animals!

But the spirit of this Law, -in a certain way and euphemistically using the beautiful literary figure of Genesis, 1, 2, which reads: "Earth was something chaotic and void, and darkness covered the surface of the abyss, while the God spirit moved over the surface of the waters"-, likewise the spirit of the Law covers with its flight and regulates like a computer program (software) of TOTALIZING UNITY the continuous-discontinuous bipolar yes-no co-relationships [ Note 5 ] among the Einsteinian mass-energy aspects of Nature or what is the same: among the space-time aspects of the history of the evolution of Man.

In other words: when Man expresses himself linguistically -that is to say subjectively and externally-, in terms of space-time, he is doing it, simultaneously and objectively, as the mass-energy phenomenon of biological order which as Man he constitutes.

Still simpler: space-time is the external (therefore discontinuous) human language for describing the continuous mass-energy interiority of Nature.

[1] Bear in mind that one can indistinctly choose, as positive electric charge, either "this" 0.5 half or the "other". In both cases, the "other" not chosen 0.5 half (which even if it does not appear in the 1/2 = 0.5 operation, its occult presence is undeniable), it would become the negative electric charge. [ Back ]

[2] That as such it is a language which externally describes the enumerated "thing". [ Back ]

[3] That as such it is the interiority of the enumerated "thing" quantified. [ Back ]

[4] Contradiction with itself: What Gödel demonstrated was the impossibility of giving the "yes" and the "no" essentially absolute characters, which, in an automatic way, implies exactly the contrary: that the "yes" and/or the "no" are mutually relative conceptions and in consequence, given such relativity, it be impossible for Man to produce "truths" which affirm or deny something in a radical way. In other words: in the human logical system made up of the affirmation-negation pair, it is impossible to decide in an absolute way, either for the "yes" or for the "no".

One example of such self-contradiction and indecibility, which apostle Paul, in his time, seems to mention tangentially in his epistle to Titus 1,12, is the paradox of the Cretan Eppimenide: Cretans have always had a reputation of liars; then, when Eppimenide affirms: "I am a liar", ... Is he saying a lie or is he saying the truth? [ Back ]

[5] When I express myself in terms of the yes-no bipolar co-relationships I am referring to a property intrinsic to the electromagnetic field TOTALIZED in and by the UNITY: that of coordinating itself in two and three dimensions in a Cartesianly complex way. But the explanation of this theme shall be the subject of the next article, in a later date. [ Back ]




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