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Máximo Sandín

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)


Articles of Máximo Sandín
Synthetic theory: Crisis and revolution
From the very start, Darwinist theory suffered from significant weaknesses acknowledged by its author. Both the observation of natural species and the evidence derived from the fossil record were in direct conflict with two of its core concepts, natural selection and gradual change, giving rise to problems that deeply troubled Darwin and some of his followers. But these problems, clearly observable, were "solved" in a theoretical way by mathematical population genetics modelling. Consequ...
Biology: An old perspective
The currently predominant scientific vision of the world originated in the "scientific revolution" begun in the XVI and XVII centuries by Copernicus, Galileo and Newton's theories. The technical and economic boom that produced the subsequent industrial revolution drove science towards a mechanistic, utilitarian approach to nature, the purpose of which was (and still is) to predict and control the studied phenomena. Until then, the close contact with nature inherent to Western and other cul...

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