Negative utilitarianism
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Manu Herrán

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In some way, pleasure and pain could be "traded". But some suffering is too high that can't be traded (or, is like "infinite").

But the symmetrical is not true: there's no happiness that can make worth the worst experiences.

This is why I say I am negative utilitarian (NU). But some people say I am classical utilitarian (CU) in daily experiences (between some degrees of happiness and suffering) and negative utilitarian (NU) in hard experiences.

Ok. I could say that I'm a classical utilitarian with belief in infinite negative experiences (CU-∞) instead of negative utilitarian (NU). But the point is although the value of these experiences in is -∞, there are different kinds of -∞, some bigger than others, and this is why the scheme of classical utilitarianism (CU) is not accurate for me.

So maybe better to express (Where S=Suffering):

If S
If S>=k then NU (in big sufferings I'm Negative Utilitarian)

k is not to break a leg doing climbing. k is around physical torture, vivisection, rape, large burns, large depression, animal experimentation, psychological torture, slow death, very painful death and very distressing death (without palliative care). In my opinion, avoid this kind of things must be always the priority.




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