Reasons to reject veganism
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Manu HerrŠn
Animal rights, Ethics, Sentiocentrism

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Reasons not to be vegan:

  1. Veganism? Whatís this? I Ďve never listened talking about that topic.
  2. Stop eating animals? What do you want, that I starve to death? What am I going to eat?
  3. I am an animal of the human specie, omnivorous, with a diet esentially omnivorous. My parents were omnivorous, my grandparents were omnivorous and most of the rest of the people of my kind that exist or have existed, feeded as omnivorous. The societies formed by the beings of my specie evolved eating and using for their advantage other animal species, as much as possible.
  4. If someone ever told me about this topic, I didnít listen, I didnít pay attention. Why? I donít know. The truth is that
  5. Iíve never thought that animals could suffer. And why I never thought about this? Maybe
  6. Iím not very attentive.
  7. I donít care.
  8. My family survive thanks to some animal exploitations. Or maybe
  9. Iím an urbanite, I live in a world of concrete, metal, crystal and plastic, and I reject everything that has to do with beings who poo and pee (I never do these). Sincerely,
  10. I Ď ve little creativity. I canít imagine myself (me?) someday as a vegan.
  11. I wonít ever stop eating serrano ham, itís so good. Thatís absolutely impossible.
  12. I have troubles with thinking by myself, and so
  13. I copy what most do (who is not vegan), besides
  14. Iím afraid of being different, Why? Because
  15. If my behaviour was different than the others, and due to that I made them reconsider their deepest beliefs, they could feel upset and attacked, and I could be no more accepted and loved in my social circles.
  16. Life seems sad enough, there are so many disgraces only among the humans, so if I think about the non human animals as conscious beings, Iím going to get a depression.
  17. Iím depressed, my life is shit and one of the few things that make me forget the death desire is eating (and sleeping). Except when I eat (anxiously) or when I sleep, the rest of the time Iíd rather be dead. Besides
  18. It seems impossible to me get it. I think that if I follow a strict vegetarian diet Iím going to be hungry or lack vitamins, and
  19. I think that the fact of being vegan is somekind of ďall or nothingĒ. When I read the vegan comments, I see that many of them are like ďyou are with me or against meĒ (binary thinking) and, though, I feel strong enough to reduce my consume of animal products, I canít see myself completely quitting, besides
  20. Itís very hard being vegan. Where can you buy the vegan products? Theyíre more expensive and harder to find.
  21. If Iím going to a restaurant or a birthday. Do I have to ask for a special meal? Oh my, what a shame. Otherwise
  22. Vegans seem to me as a minority and marginal group. I want to belong to the majority, not the exception.
  23. Vegans seem to me as some radicals. They say things such as someday fishing will be seen as murder. I think theyíre very tough charges. I donít want to be associated with the vegan prototype. Or, maybe, the opposite:
  24. Vegans seem to me as too sensitive, with so many worries about the animals, and to me, a macho man, that seems very effeminate, of a whimpy man.
  25. If I went vegan, it would be because animal rights, of all the millions of animals that are in the planet Earth, so they didnít have to suffer because of my fault. But, whatever I do, actually, it has a tiny effect on the comfort, itís the same as if I contaminate or stop contaminating, it wonít affect the all Earthís environment.
  26. Yes, itís true that the effect of what I do, if every human did it, would be huge; and what I do, If I do it everyday of my life, would have a great effect. But now I donít care about that. Iím talking about what I do now, right now. Past and future donít exist. Only the present exists, and what I do in this moment, right now, has a minimum effect. And minimum, just for say something as
  27. I, directly, donít hurt any conscious animal. The animal Iím going to eat itís already dead, and I canít do no good no bad to it. In fact, I, directly, donít kill or bother any animal. On the contrary, when we have a barbecue at some friendís cottage, we eat lamb chops and fork, and if thereís a swimming pool, itís me who rescues the insects that fall on the water. I canít stand seeing a being suffering, and much less to hurt them. Iím not a hunter or a rancher, I only buy meat in the supermarket, and I havenít harmed or killed any of those animals that come in the trays.
  28. Iím no longer afraid of being different. Iíve understood that non human animals donít suffer due to our fault, which is not fair, and can be avoided. I think that I have to make something about that. So, I have reduced my consume of products with an animal origin. In fact, I only buy, sometimes, some food or animal products. However, due to those little times I do that, I caní be seen as a vegan, as this term is used.

We can identify too the reasons of why a person can be a vegan. Reasons to be vegan:

  1. Veganism seems the right thing to me.
  2. I can eat and live in a normal way without exploiting another conscious beings. Why donít be vegan?
  3. I admit that the non human animals are conscious beings (
  4. I have grown up in a vegan environment,
  5. Veganism is a warm minority.
  6. Veganism is sexy and vegans have more and better... (it is not my style getting into details...)

I insist on it is about explanations, and not justifications. We are not arguing in favor or against veganism. What we are doing is trying to identify and describe the reasons why someone is or is not vegan, in the most common sense of the word.

As we are getting into details, I rather understand veganism and Sentiocentrism as an ethic stance, non specist (from species), non (er... the same form kingdom... kingdomist?). In this sense vegans / sentiocentrists would be those who consider that the conscious beings deserve a moral consideration.

Although the sentences are written in first person, as loud voice reflections, they are not sentences that one would say about himself, but represent a situation. This resource is used to give strength and simplicity to the text.



2017-01-29 16:29:42

What are the dangers of being a vegan?

David Hood

Stress has been a big problem for me since going fully plant-based. Keep in mind I am not actually a "vegan" which is more than a diet, as it also incorporates certain social things that have nothing to do with food. Plant-Based is the vegan diet divorced from everything else.

I tend to be a pretty private person and it stresses me out that I have to have a conversation about food every time someone finds out my diet is different. Mostly people don't really know what veganism is in my experience, never mind plant-based (which is what vegans call me). So this tends to be an uncomfortable experience that makes me feel unwelcome. Keep in mind these conversations usually do not happen at a dinner table or when food is actually the centerpiece as I rarely find myself in spontaneous food related events that I can't plan around in advance. When I do its usually an event where bringing your own food is fine like a pot-luck or a cook-out, or they are respectful enough to understand that I will just cook for myself.

Another issue that comes up is that people will confront me about my diet usually based in ignorant premises and assume because I am what I am that somehow I care what they eat. I don't, as far as I am concerned people can eat whatever the heck they want and yet they act like because non-carnivores exist it is somehow an assault on their lifestyles. Hear me: I.Do.Not.Care.About.Your. Lifestyle.

Some common things that come up:

"Well PETA said.." PETA is made up of a bunch imbeciles, next

"Well how do you deal with a deficiency in..." Really? Like the average person doesn't have some form of dietary deficiency?

"My friend got screwed ::insert absurd story about an animal receiving government protection:: because of environmentalist, vegan, assholes" Environmentalism is not about saving endangered species, its about saving mankind. Sadly its had some branding issues, but really that's what its about. Remember when you could go camping and drink the water right our of the creek without your balls falling off? Ya, that's what environmentalists are trying to fix.

"How do you justify not eating honey?" I don't and I don't need to, next.

"Well ::insert product:: is made from animal research, animals are used everywhere" First, true. This is why I am not a Vegan. Second, of course we treat animals like shit; have you seen how we treat our own species? We are an infantile, violent, child race, with a significant issue with narcissism. I'm not going to change the world but I do hold myself to a higher standard.

"Veganism is a diet of privilege" True, unlike most people I don't pretend my privilege isn't there; I consciously use it. I am very lucky to be able to make the choices I make, many millions are not so lucky. This is why I hold myself to a higher standard, with privileged comes responsibility; my diet is just one of those choices among many I have made. Hopefully some of the resources I refuse to use get to people who really need it.

"Well you are not going to get me to change anything!!" When did I say I wanted you to change? You asked questions about ME and I answered. I could care less what you do. As far as I'm concerned you can have three square meals of Vodka from a plastic bottle and Mustang Cigarettes each day. Just keep in mind I won't care in equal amounts when your liver and lungs fail. Yep, I'm one of those libertarian nuts that thinks you can make any reasonable decision you want as long as it doesn't hurt others and you take responsibility for the outcome. That's How I treat people and I would appreciate the same in return.

I also sometimes get crap from Vegan's because I am a sort of half breed, but I figure Centaurs are half-breeds and they are awesome so I am in good company.


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