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Stuff that repels the attention
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Manu Herrán
Subjectivity, Reality, Consciousness

We can think that the opposite of catching the attention is being unnoticed, but it is not true.

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Sex and violence catch the attention. The red things catch the attention. The beautiful, dangerous and different things catch the attention.

We can think that the opposite of catching the attention is being unnoticed. That is what happens with the common, the grey, the monotonous, the routine, the usual and the normal.

But it is not true. The topic does not end here. There are things that go further than being unnoticed: repelling the attention. They are less known. They are almost invisible. Why? Among other things, precisely because they repel the attention.

I am going to leave here a list with some of these things:

  1. Our own future death.
  2. Our own selfishness, and so our own selfish actions.
  3. Our own stupidity, and so our own mistakes.
  4. The terrible risk of suffering a terrible pain.
  5. The interests of the people we dominate and take advantage of them (for example, the non- human animals’ s interests we exploit for our own benefit) without an opportunity to defend themselves. That is what I call “The winner’s logic”.
  6. The consequences for ourselves, in the medium and long term, of our behaviour that make us feel satisfied, in the short term.
  7. Our own acts motivation (similar to the one before).
  8. The consequences for other loved beings, in the medium and long term, of our behaviour that make us feel satisfied, in the short term. For example: having a lot of children (or even just, some children) without thinking too much about the consequences of being, for those children.
  9. The conscious measure of satisfaction. Curiously, if we make it, the satisfaction decreases. For example if at a party you are forced to answer the question: How are you doing? And instead of answering whatever, you make a valuation process of the grade of satisfaction that you are feeling at that party, suddenly, the satisfaction decreases.
  10. The possible validity of the arguments of the critics to the foundations of our own mental, political, philosophical or moral position. For example, if we have a forged position around abortion, science vs religion, veganism vs animal exploitation, capitalism vs socialism, liberalism vs interventionism, etc. We have the inclination to not consider the possible validity of the contrary’s arguments, but only the possible mistakes and incoherence in the expression of those arguments, in order to attack them.



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