The Mind’s Sky. Human Intelligence in a Cosmic Context
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Timothy Ferris
Philosophy, Consciousness, Sentiocentrism

Report on the book of Timothy Ferris, by Manuel de la Herrán Gascón

Timothy Ferris develops in this book the following idea: human mind is composed by several entities. Decisions are taken by the common activity of them all. There is not a central entity to which all the others are subordinate.

Nevertheless it exists something that we can call the "interpreter", that interprets the common decision as taken just by himself. This interpreter situated in the center related to language, would be the highest exponent of "I", but of a false one. This interpreter is essentially a liar, but it is useful and even essential for survival, and, if it is disconnected, mind can be opened to authentic truth.

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Not only relaxation and meditation, both present in all religions and ways searching Truth, lead us to the calmness of the interpreter. Laugh can be interpreted as the conflict between two "mental programs" emerging to consciousness. For instance: between a program Apolo, that tries but all means to find the meaning and the logic of the Universe, and a programPan, that interrupts this grandiloquent speech laughing at its fails. There is then a crash that misleads the interpreter, who is unable to integrate in a coherent way both points of view. This interpreter’s absence allows a slot to be opened to the light of Truth in the rare moment of laughing.

Different individuals have lived mystic ecstasy, but all of them express amazingly their experience in very similar ways. But they agree also in saying that it is something impossible to explain or to describe in a satisfactory way. "Vision" avoids words. This fits well with the idea that meeting Truth it’s not possible acquiring something but losing it or disconnecting it. This disconnection is related to language disconnection.

Ferris proposes that mystic experience or enlightenment appears when the fact of looking inside ourselves surpasses the language level, to face the mental side "integrator" or interpreter, who is the responsible for unifying multiple brain functions as a whole.

The person that discovers that the "interpreter" uses words to create explanations that are not real, mistrusts language because he mistrusts the "interpreter", and knows that it would not be possible to use it to communicate his experience. But he would like to be able to explain it and paradoxically he tries to explain what is impossible to explain, and of course, he is misunderstood.

The biggest interpreter’s lie is that he is conceived as the "I" or the "unified whole". When "the interpreter is defused", when it is integrated to the rest of the parts without any false interpretation, "when the rest of the parts that compose the brain are brought to consciousness", "Real I" is experimented.

Once the interpreter defused we won’t believe anymore that "we" decide freely our actions. The ancient concept of "myself" falls down and past decisions don’t seem anymore our willing decisions.

Who looks for or has lived mystic experience works to finish with his ego, to reduce the "false I", to find its truth reality. Once this experience is produced and the radical different vision of everything emerges, it is described as a fusion with Universe.

The author doubts that this could represent the latest truth, but he thinks that it is a very important step towards the understanding of Universe and ourselves. Both concepts are the same thing. What do we see when we look at a tree or a path? We look at our own mind. We see with our mind. All our experience is in it. So when our experience changes, and what we live as our "real I" changes, it seems as if the whole word changes as well. And to the subject it happens like this.

When I think about the relationship between the universe and human brain I think in a tree, with its splendid top made of branches and leaves, and with its extensive root system that is able to reach very deep levels. Branches would represent the observed universe and roots represent the brain. Both systems are always growing up and evolving and depend one on the other.

But this trip could be dangerous. The multiplicity of "minds" can strip of the travelers their sense of unity, identity, coherence, maybe in a irreversible way. At the other side it seems to be something beautiful but not unified. "From the land of divine madness, one or more souls are howling to the moon".

We should be careful. Work in the search of the "real I" should be slow and, as much as possible, constant. But mainly it has to be conscious and controlled, allowing the entrance and the way out from enlightenment to our own free will, because the "interpreter" is necessary to survive, at least for the moment.




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