What is real? The importance of point of view
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Manu Herrán
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In my opinion, all the scientific knowledge has been built on a false hypothesis. All.

This has not proved to be a big problem because in the results obtained do not noted any difference in relation to this hypothesis. Just like what happened with the classical mechanics newtonian opposite the relativistic Einstein.

But we are in a different context. Quantum physics tell us about impossible worlds, far away from the daily experience. Movies such as Matrix remind us that we don´t have any really good argument to discard the possibility of that all our universe is a big simulation. Ultimately, all the universe seems to consist, simply, in information.

Those arguments that were supporting the idea that human race is essentially different are being left behind. Neuroscience tells us about a mechanistic vision of the human being, where freedom concept is staying behind.

Humanity observes, between incredulous and amazed, how Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is getting smarter than humans. When this happens we will have lost the leadership that evolution gave us by chance. Unless that AGI becomes a better version of us, a mixture between human and machine.

Biology, quantum physics, filosofy and neuroscience take us through strange ways. As usual, ethic will accompany us on the trip and adapt to our discoveries. It´s being a time that we are contemplating human moral consideration apart from race. Now we are contemplating animal moral consideration apart from species. It´s time to contemplate machine moral consideration apart from its material and simulations moral consideration too.

We are closer than ever to have the right answer to the questions about the deepest reality, such as:

"Who is able to feel and what? What is to be free and who is? And, in the end, what is real?".

But to get to the answer to this enigma is required to consider some of the thinking bases and walk on the thin ice of those places so different from intuition.

I´m going to talk about three kind of concepts: material, ideas and experiences.

At least from a descriptive point of view we all agree on that they are different things. A gold gram, the prime numbers and "I´ve got a headache" are totally different kinds of things.

Most scientists believe that of the three types of realities (of those "three worlds") only one exists and that is a material world.

This is absolutely false. However it is very similar to what happens in reality but for a very important factor.

The only world we know it is the world of experience. "I feel", that´s the only truth. Deny that argument and call it "solipsist" is to make a caricature of the real thing.

An annoying truth is still true. My point of view is all I have.

The empirist scientist points to an apple on the table and says that´s a real object, and after that he points to his own head and says "How can my brain make of that real apple in my head?".

This is a wrong approach.

That thing he was pointing to is not a real apple: It is the representation of an apple in my head. That head I am pointing is not my real head, it is the representation I have of my head. Now I go out and look to the countryside, the trees, the moon and the stars...I open my arms, look around me and say "all this is my mind". That's true. What we call universe is only my mind.

Any doubt, people who have an amputation still feel some pain in it. What we call "my right foot" is only a representation in the brain, and the shoe, and the universe too.

This is the inconvenient truth that most of scientists do not want to accept, as all their system of thought and belief may dissapear. It´s time to stop complaining and asume reality.

When talking about mental illness we usually take subjetive reality as false and objective as true. But there is not an only truth that we can reach so far. What we call reality is an brain interpretation and all knowledge is filtered by us.

We all have a point of view, and all we see from our position is limited.

Precisely, the different points of view of a same reality let us know it better. Somehow, we all wear "polarized sunglasses". As in The Blind men and the elephant poem, one touches the pow, another the ear and another the trunk.

This may sound crazy, but all of them speak the same thing.




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